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After a 20-year successfull career, I am now willing to share my vision of training, a global approach to performance respectful of the body and the environment in which we operate

Nicolas LEBRUN

In Organicoach there is…

"Organic", the English word for "Bio": those who are acquainted with us know that it is our motto, i.e. being "organic athletes" as well as working towards making you become "organic athletes". What does it imply? Self-respect as well as respect of others, without use of any chemicals so as not to push our bodies unduly. Our goal is to make you stronger in the long run but not at all cost.

"Orga": because the events planning that goes with our sister organization Athl'éthique is also a way of sharing our message. We can also help organize your seasons, your sport trips and your training schedules.  For over 15 years "organization" has been a key part of my success while traveling to race around the world and now I can share those tips and tricks I have learned.

"Nico" of course: 15 years of athletic participation at the national and international level in more than 10 endurance disciplines. 10 French Champion titles, 13 podiums finishes at World championships (Xterra, Winter triathlon and duathlon) all these with the help of aromatherapy, herbal therapy and ostheopathy. Working along side Nico is Alexandra, Doctor in pharmacy, trained at Lyon’s school of plants (Ecole Lyonnaise des plantes) who also competes at the same events regionally and nationally.

And finally "Coach": Universal word which stands for the care we hope to provide, without limiting ourselves to a basic training schedule!

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Nicolas LEBRUN

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Our goal: accompany you towards the performance in the respect of your health

For this we offer various formulas to help you plan, organize and optimize your sports season whatever your level of practice or your goals.

These formulas are intended for all outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Our skills also allow us to intervene in clubs, associations and companies in the form of conferences on the themes of nutrition, prevention, training or performance.

Our coachs

Nicolas LEBRUN

Co-founder of Organicoach

Cross triathlon, duathlon, triathlon, trail running

DEJEPS triathlon

European director for XTERRA since 2016

Pro triathlete from 1996 till 2013 : 2015 XTERRA pro World champion, 2-time winter triathlon pro World champion in 1999 and 2000, 12 individual podiums in World championships and 10-time national champion during his 17-year career

Globe trotter


Co-founder of Organicoach, coach XTERRA

Health and nutrition for the athlete and training

DU in « Move, training, nutrition and nutrients », Pharmacist, specialist in natural medecines

Triathlon, cross triathlon, trail running activities

Living in Digne-les-Bains (south of France)


Triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, swim and run

DEJEPS Triathlon / Master in Training, management and sport engineering

Technical consultant for Franche-Comté triathlon ligue from 2014 till 2018

Used to work with junior athletes

Living in Besançon (east of France)



Endurance sports, triathlon, cross triathlon, MTB and trail running

DEJEPS Triathlon / BPJEPS sport activity / MTB coach

Living in Aix-en-Provence (south of France)


Triathlon et ultra trail running

BEESAN, swimming coach

Pro long-distance triathlete from 1997 till 2006

2-time top 10 finisher at Ironman Hawaï (7th in 1998 and 9th in 2004)

Silver medalist at 1998 duathlon World championship

Converted to ultra trail (4th at 2014 CCC in Chamonix)

Living in Beauvezer (French south Alps)


Endurance sports, triathlon, cross triathlon, MTB and long distance MTB

DEJEPS VTT / BPJEPS Activité Physique pour Tous

XTERRA World champion 2018 (age group 30-34) and ITU cross triathlon World champion 2019 (age group 30-34)

Living in La Reunion (Indian ocean)

Our formulas

Personal coaching

  • Weekly training program by a coach selected by the athlete (upon availability) or depended the athlete profile and location
  • Training based on analysis of the week 1, during the week 2 to build the week 3
  • Survey and analysis of athlete past and potential
  • Season schedule: Analysis on the season project, depending on family and working time
  • Explanation about training rules
  • Explanation about healthy food and sport nutrition
  • One weekend meeting (2 days) in Digne-les-Bains
  • Coachs: your personnal coach (follow-up) and Alexandra BORRELLY-LEBRUN (health, nutrition, prevention)
  • Contacts:
    - Personnal coach : one phone call or skype + 2 to 3 mails or text message per week
    - Alexandra: unlimited depended health, for prevention or diet tips, 1 phone calling or Skype + 1 mail or text by week


  • Classic: 120 € / month
  • 100% Nico: 250 € / month
  • Elite: upon request

Formula subject to signature of Organicoach pledge

Season global coaching

  • Organicoach Team Membership without individual coaching
  • Survey and analysis of athlete past and potential
  • Season schedule: analysis on the season project, depending on family and working time
  • Explanation about training rules
  • Explanation about healthy food and sport nutrition
  • Coachs : Alexandra BORRELLY-LEBRUN (health, nutrition, prevention) and Nicolas LEBRUN (annual planning, trainning)
  • Contacts:
    - Alexandra: unlimited depended health, for prevention or diet tips, 1 phone calling or Skype + 1 mail or text by week

Rates: 500 € / year (300 € for former Organicoach personnal coaching athletes)

Formula subject to signature of Organicoach pledge

« One shot » and conferences

  • Food and health check / sport nutrition tools (2 hours conference and Q&A)

Rate: 50 €


  • Season schedule and analysis of project / training and performance tools (2 hours conference and Q&A)

Rate: 50 €


  • Conference about training rules and/or healthy and sport nutrition for team, clubs, business (2 to 3 hours with Q&A)

Rate: 100 € (+ support for travel and stay expenses)

Fitness (3 months)

  • Coaching to come back healthy with activity
  • Food Check, exchange on healthy food and sport nutrition
  • Personal training program for every level and depending on family and working time
  • Natural healthy tips along the program
  • Coach : Alexandra BORRELLY-LEBRUN
  • Contacts: one phone call for first check and after every month + 1 to 2 mails or text message per week

Rate: 200 €

Training camps

Contact us for any request



Xterra has been my field of expertise for the past 10 years, and it is an important aspect of my consulting activity. The wonderful and positive experiences the XTERRA World Tour have brought me as an athlete are endless and I am now enjoying the consulting work I am doing for the organization. 

At the 2013 Xterra Euro Tour Italian event in Abruzzo, I was able to put to use all these years of practice and racing. I was able to help the organizing team to design new mountain bike courses and trails worthy of a European championship, and qualifying event for the World championships in Maui.

After XTERRA Italy consulting for race organizations took off very rapidly with numerous contracts in 2014. Xterra hired me to help develop the European Xterra circuit as the official liaison between the organizing entities based in Honolulu and the different franchise organizers in Europe. The long term goal is to set up an office in Europe and to have partners and a logistic specific to the European circuit.

With that in mind, you'll be able to meet me this year on XTERRA Malta, Greece, Tahiti, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Danemark and at Maui for the World championship to provide technical assistance in relation to the creation or the improvement of their existing races, and help integrating in the European race dynamics.

Athletic event planning

Thanks to my experience as an organizer and professional athlete who has participated in over 400 races in 20 countries, I am competent to offer my services and happy to provide you with an estimate on the following:

• assistance with race technical logistics (triathlon, winter triathlon, trail, Mountain Biking, Cross triathlon), scouting for new courses best adapted to the goals of your event in terms of numbers and the types of participants you are seeking (At the State and International level)
At first, study of maps, then on site with the help of local clubs, shepherds, hunters, with respect to private property and access rights. Taking into account constraints such as transportation of flaggers, supplies for aid stations, security, photographers, and production team for major events.
• recommendation on establishing good logical start, finish and transition areas...
• assistance in implementing an ecologically conscious policy with the help of the Athl’éthique organization.

The event organizer will be able to use my name and my list of achievements to promote his/her race course, organization, or professionalism depending on the service he/she will have chosen.

Your business and Organicoach

Organicoach and its consulting service can also be used to establish a correlation between athletic performance and performance of a company and its CEO. During my career as an athlete I have often worked on this topic with the Company “NDLS Conseil”. Each one of these experiences has shown me how much of a bridge exists between these two universes and that the behaviors in the athletic and business sphere are often identical.

Key points: Self-confidence – stress management – group leader maintaining faith – goal adjustments – continuous motivation.

I am also happy to put on a seminar, conference on site, based on your demands and agreed upon a cost estimate. My team is comprised of other “world champions” with different experiences; our entire teams has the ability to bring positivity and to motivate.
I am able to provide your employees, teams etc…with a customized camp in the spirit of Organicoach, highlighting natural and lasting behavioral excellence.

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