Organicoach has given me the knowledge and experience of the lifestyle necessary for high level performance. They taught me how to evolve several cursors to achieve my goals: planning, training, nutrition, recovery, agility, mental health, material and terrain expertise, approach to competitions and the experience of sports travel.
They wanted to add green to my outfit, but for that matter you can thank me, I'm managing the transition to orange. LOL

Maxim Chané
2019 U23 Crosstriathlon World champion
2020 crosstriathlon French national champion


I have already been member of the association for the last few years without being coached when a baby arrived with what comes with it: extra pounds, reduced free time, fatigue ... And damn why not me !? I have been coached for 5 months now, at my own pace, and I am regular for the first time with real sporting progress. I feel listened and my plans always fit with my feelings. In conclusion I wish I did it earlier, what a treat, thank you!

Juliette Thieltgen
Age group triathlete


I finally managed to go through a full season without injury while progressing at the same time, which is a first for me!

Mathias Edouard Safa
Multisportsman, outdoor enthusiast


Nicolas and Alexandra, respectively male and female winners of the inaugural edition of Evergreen 118, have created a superb training tool that you can benefit from at a lower cost. The training sessions are detailed and specific and will make you progress quickly

Bruno Lebeda


For me Organicoach is first and foremost a family, a safe haven, an identity. They are very attentive to the various issues facing athletes. I grew up sportingly and humanely with them and every year we try to reinvent ourselves!

Germain Grangier
Trail runner, 9th ex-aequo at 2019 UTMB


Organicoach has given me a lot. First of all, a real training method that respects my body while being very efficient! It’s also a peace of mind that you don’t have to organize your training weeks. But above all a meeting with human people, who respect their commitments, their values.
Well, a little candy bar while waiting for the plane in Maui, that doesn't hurt ... LOL

Hélène Cheval
XTERRA France finisher


A big thank you to Organicoach, a real added value to our organization. We were able to benefit from their technical expertise, their formidable capacity for work and adaptation, and also their spirit of initiative. In short, a versatility that offers us great serenity during the weekend of the event.

Eric Amatteis

KM0 paris
Swim Academy